Why us?

We’re GameDesire and since 2004 we have provided entertainment to millions of players worldwide. With free-to-play social games available on desktop, as well as on mobile, we are provide gaming satisfaction to millions of players. Our 100 titles prove one thing: If you want to develop your skills, you’re in the right place.

  • we have been

    in the industry

    since 2004
  • a sound mind

    in a sound body

  • fresh fruit

    in the office?

    Easy ride!

  • we also earn

    money by

    riding our bikes
  • we visit



    the world
  • we drink freshly



    every day

  • Dress code?

  • We share


    and we like it!

  • Private

  • Defeat hunger


    company meals
  • water

    is a source of energy,

    we drink up!

  • we learn the language

    of our industry

    – English

Big goals have multidimensional results – ours is the development in order to become number one amongst social games developers worldwide.

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Curious what our recruitment

process looks like?

  • 1

    You submit your application

  • 2

    You solve a task test in Codility

  • 3

    You get your homework

  • 4

    We invite you to an interview

  • 5

    We inform you about the result of the recruitment process

  • 1

    You submit your application

  • 2

    We invite you to a preliminary interview

  • 3

    You get your homework

  • 4

    We invite you to a final interview

  • 5

    We inform you about the result of the recruitment process

  • Michał Ziółkowski

    Head of Product Marketing Team

    For us, games are something more than entertainment. We live and breathe them, so we understand players well. We want their voice to be crucial in the process of game creation.

  • Karolina Wąsala

    HR Manager

    The gaming industry is huge, there’s a place for every enthusiast. Work with us and have a real influence on our games.


to be number one amongst social games

developers worldwide.

  • participation in engaging training

  • business trips to valuable conferences and fairs

  • widely available corporate library

  • learning new technologies and system environments

  • working on new projects and products

  • potential to grow and develop a team

  • multisport

    how much (code) can a typical programmer bench?
  • private medical care

    health “at hand”
  • English

    practice with us
  • bicycle

    we'll pay you for a healthy lifestyle
  • trainings

    we care about your development
  • conferences

    knowledge and travels worldwide
  • lunch

    “The Wing or the Thigh”?
  • fruit at work

    tasty and healthy snack!
  • flexible working hours

    we bend spacetime – decide on your working hours
  • team building

    we’re a good team, not only at work
  • chill out zone

    relax and collect your thoughts
  • work/balance

    work-life balance – no more work after work

What documents is the candidate required to submit?

We always require a CV – regardless of the position. We are also glad to read cover letters (especially if somebody has no experience, but would like to work with us). In case of recruitment for a "creative" position (graphic designer, game designer, etc.), it is necessary to present your portfolio.

Can you apply again? Last year I submitted my application for a position of programmer, but I failed the test. Am I allowed to take part in the recruitment again?

Of course, you are allowed to submit your application for this job once again. However, it should be considered which weaknesses/gaps in knowledge should be corrected before trying again. If you are determined to participate in the recruitment once again, remember that you will be asked to perform all the recruitment tasks again.

How long do I have to wait for a response after submitting an application?

You will be informed about the recruitment stage you are currently at within 14 days of sending the application.

Will I receive a response if the recruitment result turns out to be negative?

We get in touch with the candidates at each stage of the recruitment process. In response to a submitted application, you will receive confirmation that your application has been received by us. We will notify you about proceeding to the next stage of the recruitment or rejection of your application on an ongoing basis. In case of rejection of an application, you will receive feedback why you have not qualified to the next stage or have not received a job offer. Upon completion of the recruitment, you will receive an invitation to new projects, and your comments and observations of the recruitment process will be considered by the company in the subsequent recruitments.

Is it possible to change the team or the scope of responsibilities?

Of course, it is possible after consultation with the team leaders. But you must have the appropriate professional skills and abilities. It is important to be committed to what you do and to often take the initiative. Such changes will ensure better use of the potential and experience of our employees.

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